The African Child & Mother

Child and Mother is always looking for charitable donations to support its initiatives. With your help, we will be able to significantly lower maternal mortality rates, increase child and maternal health, reduce poverty and ensure proper nutrition in children in deprived communities.

Your gift today will help a child or a mother in need somewhere in Africa. Cash donations can help us deliver your precious gifts to where it is needed most.

It is your donations that make what we do at the African child and mother possible.

The African Child & Mother

At African Child and Mother, we strongly believe in team spirit. When people get to know what we do, it is then they will be able to assist. Why don’t you help us help the needy mother by telling your friends about us?

Volunteer Your Time

Your time and expertise is a valuable asset to our organisation. Are you a doctor, an entrepreneur, a builder, educationist, accountant, designer, or a self-made individual? Why don’t you join us in giving a needy mother the support she needs to cater for her children.

Make a deposit at our clothing bank

At our clothing bank, we welcome clothes to be distributed to the needy. By donating your clothes that may be too small for you or your children, you are helping clothe needy people who may otherwise be deprived of them. Whether you no longer need it, changed size, or if you no longer have use for it, we are glad to receive and pass it on. Whenever you think spring-cleaning; think child and mother.

Fundraise for The African Child and Mother

Help raise funds in support of our many projects in Africa. In your own small way, you can host an event in honour of our cause. Proceedings from any event are directed to the organisations fund which is used to undertake a project that you dearly support.

Be an Ambassador

By accepting to be an ambassador, you not only represent the organisation but you support it in seeing our goals realised.

Partner with Us

If you believe in our mission to support needy mothers care for their children, then support us with your donations or partner with us to make an impact in a child’s life. You don’t have to be a corporation or an organisation to be able to partner with us; you can be an individual with a heart to give.


Advocate for the most vulnerable: children and women

Why don’t you be their voice? Advocate on behalf of needy mothers and their children to give them a better life. +233 24 431 8775